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As a brief guide, these are our services that we offer. If you wish to know even more, you may read detailed blog posts on each service or contact us directly for a hassle-free, no strings attached consultation.


Health and Wellness Coaching

Ever had a health goal (i.e. to lose weight) but weren't successful? Or thinking that the goal is too daunting?


Let a health coach help you work through the changes that you want to see in your life, be it to start your exercise plan, or to manage your stress better.

Our health coach will be there to walk you through the whole way.

Learn more: What is health and wellness coaching?

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Stress Management at Home

Many of us experience stress like never before, with the ever-changing situation with Covid-19.


Beside deep breathing and counting to 10, what are some activities for stress management?

Learn more: How to better manage stress?

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Take the first step in engaging a better you. Start easy by chatting with our life adviser to accelerate your wellness today!

Happiness Coaching

Are you feeling that contentment is missing from your life? Or feeling like something is missing out? Engage with our happiness coach today to discover the happiness within again!

Learn more: How can a happiness coach improve my well being?

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Self-Talk Training

Are you an athlete who wants to develop better psychology skills? Or are you an individual who wants to work through the incessant thoughts that goes through your head?


Try out our self-talk training that our sport psychologist will help you with.

Learn more: What is self-talk training?

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Imagery Training

Planning for the end goal but can't quite picture how to get there? Or wanting to learn more on how to use imagery to reduce your stress?


Contact us today to pick up Imagery techniques to use in your daily life.

Learn more: What is imagery training?

Breathing Meditation
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