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How can a happiness coach improve my well being?

Updated: Jul 22, 2021

By now, you might’ve heard about Naomi Osaka’s fallout with the French Open after refusing to attend the grueling, yet mandatory press conferences after every seasonal game. Her main reason was simple: she was concerned about her mental health.

Even an internationally known, professional tennis player that ranks first in Women’s Tennis Association, four-time Grand Slam singles champion and the first woman to win against Serena Williams in Grand Slam singles needs time to care for her mental well being.

Why is mental health important?

While we may not be at the top of our literal game, knowing when to pause and reflect is important. Naomi demonstrated this by first realising what was important to her, and chooses to prioritise her health instead. Had she not been in a good state of mind, that might’ve impacted her competitive performance.

And we’re not so different from Naomi; while we don’t train everyday to compete, we are bombarded by external expectations to perform. Whether it’s bringing financial stability to the family or meeting deadlines at work, these stressors can be difficult to navigate on your own.

Experiencing a sense of anxiety, depression, or frustration can prevent us from achieving our best in life. When the hobbies you enjoy no longer bring the same joy, that’s a good time to reassess your current predicament and reflect on yourself: what’s really going on?

Maybe you’ve tried to make some changes in your life by making a routine to rest better, or exercising more, but even sticking to that is difficult. Which is where The Wellness Origin comes in.

What does a life coach do exactly?

As a fundamental belief, we want to bring about positive changes to your life and work with you to identify the best path towards a better you. In a brief sense, here are what we set out to achieve:

  1. We work directly with you to identify your goals and habits

  2. We break down these goals and habits into metrics that are easy to follow daily

  3. We instill a stronger sense of responsibility to your goals to reach success with an easier direction

And there’s so much more to what we can offer. Right now, we’re offering a free consultation that you can claim by reaching out below.

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